Tribal Bonds

Be a part of the different life

Trade places with hunters and fisher folk, with nomads and cattle herders. Immerse yourself into a completely different life, with a rhythm and movement of its own. You’re no longer an observer or onlooker, you’re part of the scene. Which only goes to make the experience epic.

Trade places with hunters and fisher folk

Try your hand at being a cattle herder

Why be an observer when you can join?

Deep Dive into culture

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In recent years, studies have shown that travel benefits children’s education, as well as their ability to adapt socially. Experiencing new cultures often means children are more open minded. Children are also thought to absorb knowledge more effectively through experiential learning, so while trying new cuisines and getting to know local customs, they may even pick up a little of the language.

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Tribal interactions not only give children an understanding of how the people live but also about how they evolved over time. Children who develop an awareness of cultural differences and are able to develop a positive viewpoint regarding diversity usually maintain happy and productive lives. Learning about various cultures also improves a child’s empathy towards others.

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The tribes do fear spread of infections and diseases from outsiders. Your vaccination certificates will all need to be in place in case it’s a prerequisite listed by the tribe head eg – the Tagbanua tribe in Philippines has not opened up to public interactions post covid. (as on February,2023)

This is not always possible, some tribes do not allow prolonged stays and it may also be a concern due to lack of accommodation options. However, if you wish to have longer interactions, they can be arranged as a part of our custom travel plan  eg- living with nomads of Mongolia is an option that can be explored.