To confirm a reservation, a deposit of 500 USD per person is due from the Customer at the time of booking*. The deposit amount may vary depending on the destination. 
For a confirmed departure the final balance payment is due from the Customer 75 to 90 days prior to departure. 

Of course! We’d be happy to do that. Planning a trip around your and your child’s likes and dislikes would be a pleasure.

In your private trip, choice on the number of people joining you is entirely yours. However, from time to time we do have group departures and you always have the option of joining them. Our groups are generally not more than 12 individuals (adult+child), depending on the location.  

When we design the plans, we never lose sight of the safety aspect. You will also be thoroughly briefed about all the safety requirements and precautions at the beginning of each trip. Your adherence will also go a long way in keeping it 100% safe.

Each travel plan is carefully crafted and diligently worked upon to accommodate all your travel requests. This requires a lot of time and effort. The 100% adjustable** Itinerary design fee is a small effort to bring seriousness and value to your time as well as ours.

The trips may cover a wide range of terrains, hence multiple climates.  For each trip you will be given an advisory on the weather and the kind of gear to bring. It’s best to read and abide by the same.  Be sure to bring any cameras, iPods, iPads etc. (some locations may not even have wi-fi) that you wish but please ensure they are appropriately protected from the elements.

Wherever possible we will definitely try our best to accommodate your request. Most activities are booked in advance hence availability of slots maybe a hindrance. Also for the same reason we cannot guarantee refunds for the cancelled activity. We will however try our best to make adequate monetary adjustments. In case of any additional charges, they will have to be borne by you on the spot.

Our accommodation ranges from ‘interesting’ to quite comfortable indeed.  At some places you may also have to rough it out as a part of the experience. We always try and strike a balance between the accommodation choices and your budget.  If you have any particular places/preferences in mind, its best to let us know well in advance. 

In addition to equipping you with all the safety equipment and advice, help is never far. You can choose to have a local expert accompanying you at all times. If that is not the case, even then help is never more than 20 min. to 1 hour away, depending on the location. You are advised to always carry adequate medical insurance with you.

Yes, if circumstances are such that you are unable to make it, you can cancel your booking. Cancellations are subject to our cancellation policy. Please read the same.

The trip inclusions may vary depending on your itinerary plan and choices.  However, no plan includes tips, personal expenses, laundry, shopping and alcohol. Our pre-travel advisory will give you a clear idea about the likely expenses.

**Subject to terms and conditions