Apricous Team

Sadeev is as much Apricous as it is her.

Apricous was born out of fear and determination. The fear that I may have greater personal responsibilities and the determination that if it comes to that, I will be ready. Maybe that’s why the choice of name Apricus - full of sunlight. I've been a lifelong traveller – solo, with friends, and with family and have always believed in the power of journeys to be unique. So, it just made sense to combine my love for travel, the industry experience and the joys of travelling with your loved to design a whole new experience.

A long drive to a farmer’s field to see a fallen meteorite. Trekking through the muggy jungle to get to a hidden waterfall. Six hours of bumping down a dirt track to reach a remote tribe. Sifting through historical books and maps that most locals wouldn’t even recognise. These are some of my earliest memories of exploration. Some of the best memories with my kids are from places that didn’t even feature on 'to do ' list of that destination. It’s about creating your own list of experiences. All you need to do is take a slight detour, a little out of your comfort and you will come up with some amazing stories to bond over and we help you do this.

Apricous stems from the thought that one may have limited time with the loved ones and so let's make the most of it - with anything but cliché. Travel that allows you to spend time with your child, bond and create everlasting memories is found far beyond the amusement park or monument lines. It’s not just about taking a pic at the entrance of a place, buying a souvenir or ticking off the box, it’s also about learning and growing as one travels, it’s about broadening horizons.

My formal foray into the industry started by being a part of the brand, Nomadic Road. Now am designing Apricous bonds with people-focused, authentic but epic trips best enjoyed with your loved ones.

And it doesn’t all have to be wild and remote – as long as you seek unique and genuine experiences.

Sadeev has been a creative management professional with 15+ years of multi-industry experience in communications, content, marketing, strategy, and brand management. She’s building Apricous at the very intersection of adventure and authenticity.