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Get your adrenalin fix

Dogsled down a mountain, or trek through the jungle. Ski cross-country, or surf at dawn. Watch wildlife, or go canoeing down the river. There are so many ways to get your adrenalin fix, we’ll make sure it’s one you love. Outdoor sports, indoor adventures, and anything and everything in between - we'll line it up

Dogsled down the mountains or trek jungles

Chase the waves, the stars, the wildlife

Ski cross-country, then surf at dawn

Seek thrills and chills on your terms

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Not at all, It’s for any parent and child willing to try unique and novel experiences. From a simple hike in the rainforest to kayaking in Finland, jungle camping, itineraries are designed to suit all. We need you to simply have the right mind-set. Our bespoke private tours are always an option for designing and planning your kind of holiday with your child.

Enjoy an adventure. Spend quality time with your kid, find common interests/hobbies. You can try camping, zip-lining, fishing, horseback riding, surfing, or just go backpacking. Make sure that you allow for some one-on-one time, preferably away from routine environment; volunteer for school activities, play together, fun outdoor vacations, holiday under the midnight sun….

Not for all activities. However, some activities like kayaking, canoeing may require a certain amount of physical strength and readiness. You do not need prior training or experience for any of the currently listed activities on the website.

No, the itineraries are planned in such a way that you have a dose of some unique experiences with your child, some stories to tell and boast about. Along with it there is a bit of regular stuff too eg. No trip to Finland can be complete without a visit to Santa’s village and we do have that in our Finland –Arctic Summer trip.